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4 Things to Do Before Boarding Your Cat for the First Time

If you’ll be traveling in the near future and don’t have anybody to come check on your cat while you’re gone, then you might be thinking about boarding your feline friend. Before you drop your kitty off at your local boarding facility, however, there are some things you’ll want to do.

Get Updated Vaccination Records

Any reputable boarding facility will require you to provide vet records showing that your cat is updated on all vaccinations, including rabies. This is done for the safety of your cat and other animals within the facility. If you’ve lost your cat’s paperwork, contact your vet and he or she should be able to e-mail or fax them to you.

Find the Right Boarding Facility

Keep in mind that not all boarding facilities are created equal. Some are better-suited for cats than others. You may want to consider looking for a boarding facility that exclusively houses cats, as facilities that host both dogs and cats can sometimes be a little hectic and loud. You’ll also want to find a facility that offers the features you’re looking for, such as:

  • a window view for your cat
  • daily play time or treats
  • regular photo/video updates while you’re away

Consider Your Cat’s Anxiety Levels

If your cat tends to get anxiety in unfamiliar surroundings (which is very common in felines), you may even want to talk to your cat’s vet about the possibility of getting some anti-anxiety medication before taking him or her to the boarding facility. A small dose of medicine can go a long way in keeping your cat relaxed and content in new surroundings. Simply let the boarding staff know about the medication and they should be able to administer it to your cat daily.

Pack a Familiar Toy or Blanket

Finally, remember to pack a familiar toy or blanket that will remind your cat of home. Cats have a very strong sense of smell, so an item with a familiar scent can go a long way in helping your cat stay calm in his or her new surroundings. 

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you prepare to board your cat for the first time. By making sure you have up-to-date vaccination records, choosing the right facility, and packing a familiar toy or piece of bedding with your cat, you can make the experience as enjoyable as possible for all involved. Start getting an idea of your options by contacting services like Academy Of Canine Behavior.