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Why A Once Quiet Cat Meowing All The Time Isn’t A Good Thing

If you enjoy hearing your cat meow, it could seem delightful to have a once-quiet cat suddenly begin to meow all the time. However, this is actually a matter that should concern you. Excessive meowing can be one of the first indicators that there’s something wrong with your cat’s health. If your cat rarely used to meow and does so endlessly now, read this guide to learn some possible reasons why.

Illness and Age

If you’ve had your cat for many years and they’ve been quiet, there’s a chance that your cat is elderly. Unfortunately, frequent meowing in old age can indicate that there’s a health problem with your cat.

Elderly cats can experience a lot of health issues as they grow older, including hyperthyroidism, a loss of hearing or worsening sight, and even cognitive dysfunction, which is essentially cat dementia.

Some of these conditions are treatable, so the good thing about your cat yowling frequently is that it may be the sign you need to get your cat help. Problems with the thyroid gland can be treated with medication, and a veterinarian can come up with a care plan to help soothe your cat if they’re experiencing deafness, blindness, or cognitive dysfunction.


Another possibility is that there’s a cat in heat near your home. Many cats go through a good portion of their lives showing no signs of excessive yowling, but when an unfixed female cat moves into the neighborhood, they respond accordingly. For males, this may mean that your cat yowls, meows, or attempts to mark his territory. Female cats may also excessively meow and become irritable or territorial. In short, your cat may be responding to the hormones another cat in your neighborhood is producing.

The easiest solution for this problem is to have your cat fixed, if they aren’t already. If they already are, however, using a collar or air spray with soothing pheromones may be your best bet. They can reduce the stress and anxiety that your cat is experiencing until the neighborhood cat is no longer in heat.

Talkative cats are cute, but if your cat used to be quiet or silent and suddenly can’t stop talking, it might be time for a checkup. Visit your vet at a place like Groves Veterinary Clinic to make sure that your cat’s health is good, and consider using a soothing pheromone product to calm your kitty.