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Urinary Issues In Cats: 3 Common Symptoms & What Causes Them

If you’ve noticed changes in your cat’s urination habits, you may be concerned about their health. Listed below are three common symptoms associated with feline urinary conditions and what these symptoms could be telling you about your cat’s health.

Frequent Urination

If your cat has begun to visit their litter box on a more frequent basis, your cat could be suffering from a bladder infection or other related disorder.

The most important question to ask when you notice your cat urinating more frequently is whether the volume of their urine has increased, or if they’re urinating in smaller amounts more frequently. If the volume of urine has increased along with the amount of times they’re peeing each day, your cat’s veterinarian will first look to rule out renal issues. If there is a greater frequency in urination but no increased output, the vet will likely look for infections of the bladder and urethra before proceeding to test for other issues.

Urination Outside of Litter Box

When dealing with a new behavior, such as urinating in inappropriate places, it’s first important to rule out any medical issues before trying behavioral modifications.

Conditions that your cat’s vet may screen for include urinary tract infections and joint issues. For example, if your cat is urinating in different places throughout your home and cannot seem to make it to the litter box in time, your cat may be dealing with a urinary tract infection. UTIs can cause frequent urination and the urge to pee can become urgent within a matter of seconds. On the other hand, if your cat is peeing around the litter box but not inside it, your cat could have joint issues that prevent her from climbing inside to do her business. Only after all medical issues have been ruled out should behavioral modifications be put into place.

Painful Urination

Meowing, straining, and shaking during urination can all be signs that your cat is in pain while using the bathroom. If your cat is experiencing pain during urination, there are a number of conditions that could be causing it.

Urinary tract infections are a common culprit, but there can be other, less common issues that can lead to the pain as well. For example, a very painful condition in cats, called crystalluria, occurs when your cat isn’t getting enough hydration. This leads to the urine being too concentrated. While urine crystals may be present if your cat has this condition, it can’t be ruled out without proper laboratory testing. Other causes of painful urination include blockages in the urinary tract, kidney stones, and cysts.  

To learn more about feline urinary conditions and whether your cat’s symptoms are indicative of a bigger issue, consult with your cat’s veterinarian. To learn more, speak with a business like Animal House Veterinary Hospital.