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puppy training

Five Helpful Tips For Becoming A Safe And Reliable Pet Sitter

Pet sitting can be a very rewarding experience, whether you do it full-time or as a side way of income. While pet sitting can be quite straight-forward if you already have pets of your own, it is a good idea to invest some time into additional training. With further instructions, you should be able to be the best pet sitter possible and be the number one choice for any potential clients.

Get Acquainted with Local Emergency Vets

You never know when an emergency could occur, making it a good idea to look for veterinarians that are available 24/7. In order for any pets you watch to be in good hands, you will want easy access to local vets that can see them day and night. This can mean the difference between life and death in some situations, making it important to look into which local vets are always available.

Learn How to Properly Do Pet CPR

Many pet owners do not know how to do CPR for their pets, making it incredibly dangerous if they ever need resuscitation. Getting trained in pet CPR does not take much time, but will help you be a safer option when you begin to interview for potential clients.

Understand Some Signs of Common Illnesses

From coughing related to kennel cough to vomiting due to food poisoning, you will want to get familiar with some of the most common illnesses that may occur at some point with some of the pets you will be watching. With this basic knowledge, you will be able to treat them and know what to expect a future vet visits.

Take Some Basic Training Classes

Understanding how to train a dog to walk calmly on a leash and waiting before crossing a road can be very valuable if you plan on taking some of the dogs you watch outside. Taking a few classes or reading some books on pet training can make a big difference in how comfortable you are handling different sizes and breeds of dogs.

Get Certified from a Pet Sitter Association

Most counties and states have some kind of pet sitter association that you can join if you have the right accreditation. Checking if you meet all the guidelines and getting any further training done can help ensure that you can enter the pet sitting association and will be able to attract more clients in the future for pet sitting.

Taking some time to train to become a good pet sitter will do wonders when it comes time to interview for potential clients. From knowing local vets that do emergency calls, such as, to taking training classes, all this work can be valuable tools for being an excellent pet sitter.