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Surprising Foods That May Cause Cat Health Hazards

As a new cat owner, you are likely learning that your cat loves many different types of foods. However, some cats can be quite picky when mealtime comes around. You might find yourself offering foods and some liquids that they love, but unfortunately are not good for them. In fact, some foods that you might think are great for cats can pose some health threats. If you’re unsure which foods your cats should not eat, use this list as your guide.


Tuna is often something your cat will love to eat. However, too much tuna can lead to mercury poisoning. Additionally, tuna does not provide your cat with all the nutrients he or she needs for great health. A little tuna here or there is nice for a treat, but don’t make a habit of offering them this tasty fish as a meal.


Many people think that cats can safely lap up milk as a drink. However, despite what is depicted in cartoons, milk is not safe for your cat. Felines actually can be lactose intolerant and unable to process dairy.


While it is safe for you cat to eat a small serving of liver, you must be careful not to serve it too much. Liver can lead to vitamin A toxicity in your cat. This toxicity results in bone disease that can greatly harm your cat or even lead to death.


Consuming chocolate can be lethal to your cat. Contrary to some myths that only certain chocolates are harmful, it is important to note that all chocolate poses a threat to your cat’s health. Chocolate can affect your cat’s heart and also cause seizures.


Candy and confections should not be part of your cat’s diet. Eating candy can cause your cat’s insulin to spike, which can then lead to unhealthily low sugar levels. Some candy even contains xylitol and it can result in liver failure. Symptoms of liver failure include fatigue, vomiting, and dizziness.

Fat and Bones

Some cats are served the scraps from the family dinner table. However, refrain from serving the fat or bones from meat. Fat can cause your cat to vomit and bones can easily cause your cat to choke. Even small bones that can be swallowed can cause scrapes or splinters in your cat’s digestive system.

Now that you know about some popular foods that people serve their cats that they really shouldn’t, find a cat food that your cat loves and get them accustomed to not eating it.

Ask your local animal care provider, like those at Lincoln Way Animal Complex, for more advice on what not to feed your cat, so that he or she can remain healthy for many years.