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4 Ways To Board Your Pet For A Last Minute Emergency

Posted by on Jan 30, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

You’ve got a family emergency and need to take the next flight out — but what about your pets? Many boarding facilities either can’t or won’t take pets last minute, and it can be very difficult to find someone to watch your pet for you. But there are still some options for those who have urgent plans ahead. 1. Your Animal Hospital Emergency veterinarians, such as Robert Irelan DVM, may also be able to provide emergency pet boarding. Though not all veterinarians advertise this, most of them are willing to board your pets, especially on an emergency basis. In fact, veterinarians may charge even lower rates than traditional boarding facilities. The only downside to using an animal hospital is that your pet may not get as much outside time as they would at a traditional boarding company.  2. Grooming Salons...

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Choosing The Best Foods For Your Cats

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Like humans, your cat’s body is sensitive to the food it eats. As long as it gets the minimum nutrition it needs to survive, your cat will do OK — but not thrive. Cheap, mass-produced cat foods contain a variety of fillers that your cat doesn’t get much benefit from. Your veterinary clinic sees many cats that are fat or have developed health problems from the additives. If you are concerned with what your cat eats, learn about their nutritional needs and the alternatives you have for feeding them a healthy diet. How Your Cat is Not Like You Cats evolved to be carnivores, meaning they are strictly meat eaters. You are an omnivore, which means you prefer a salad and side of vegetables with your meal. Eating other animals is the only way your cat is able to...

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Early Warning Signs Of Kidney Failure In Your Dog

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When your dog is having kidney issues, the best way you can help preserve their health is to get them veterinary attention quickly. Here are some early warning signs of kidney failure that you may notice in your dog. If you do, get them medical help right away. Dogs that are at higher risk of kidney disease If your dog is older, they are at a higher risk of kidney disease than their younger counterparts. Make sure to begin feeding them a dog food that is lower in protein so their kidneys don’t have to work as hard to flush toxins out of the body. Some breeds of dog are also predisposed to kidney issues, including German Shepherds, Cocker Spaniels, and Bull Terriers. Talk to your veterinarian about special care or diets that you can give your pooch if they are at...

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Why Annual Pet Wellness Visits Are Important

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Many people visit their vet clinic when their pet needs vaccines, is ill or has had an accident. It is important that pets receive annual wellness visits even outside of these instances. Even if your pet is feeling fine and is not due for vaccinations, an annual checkup is a good idea. Here’s why. 1. Discussion When you take your pet to the vet for a wellness visit, you and the doctor will talk about your pet’s health since its last visit. This can alert your veterinarian to anything that warrants further investigation. You and the doctor can determine a vaccination protocol that is based upon your pet’s age, health and unique risk factors. Your veterinarian can also make the proper recommendations for flea, tick and heartworm prevention. 2. Signs of Illness Your veterinarian is trained to spot signs of...

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